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Austin Stained Concrete Contractors

Austin Stained Concrete is a concrete contractor in Austin, Texas that provides high quality concrete flooring for homes and businesses in Austin and the surrounding areas.

 Premium residential and commercial flooring services involve professionals and heavy equipment that should be handled with care. Austin Stained Concrete has expert staff and the needed tools for all stained concrete services. We take care of all your flooring needs at an affordable rate and in the agreed timeline. Staining concrete is a useful technique that develops your floor with colors and patterns that match your residence or business facility.

Stained Concrete

Decorative Concrete

Polished Concrete

Epoxy Floors

Austin’s favorite stained concrete specialist.

Our specialists provide you with pulsating color options for all types of polished concrete floors. We utilize high-quality dyes and chemicals that have durable results. Additionally, all the products we use for stained concrete projects have the best UV stability and do not wear easily. By offering concrete staining services, our team transforms a dull, jaded floor to a fresh and lively surface. With the weather in Austin, Texas, the concrete must be stain-resistant, unique, and visual enough.

Austin Stained Concrete is a combination of talented, experienced, and skilled workers who strive to give you a hundred percent customer satisfaction. On top of stained concrete services, we also specialize in polished concrete, epoxy flooring, decorative concrete, residential, and commercial flooring. Our integrity and wide range of expertise in several concrete services make us a perfect selection for all your related projects. Interested in any of the mentioned services? You can trust our professionals 24/7 all through the year.

Austin’s Premier Concrete Flooring Installer

Our concrete services include:


From Epoxy floors for your garage to stained concrete in your kitchen and polished concrete patios we have you covered!

Commercial Flooring

From small local kitchens to hangars, medical suites, sports facilities and multi-level commercial property we get the job done right, first time.

Industrial Floors

Workshops, Auto Show Rooms and more

Concrete Flooring Experts

Stained Concrete

Instead of the typical and traditional flooring options that are not as durable, epoxy is a better and waterproof advancement. Furthermore, epoxy can also be as ornate as you wish. For reliable, capable, and professional contractors, our team is only one phone call away. Austin Stained Concrete is the leading concrete company in Texas because of our high standards and unquestionable commitment.

Staining concrete is on the rise in Austin, Texas. Not only is it a great foundation material, but it also provides a chic and up-to-date aesthetic in both residential and commercial areas. Stained concrete has a greater life expectancy as compared to other options. Our skilled team utilizes the machinery and materials to ensure you enjoy the best results. By the end of the project, you will not need to wax or coat the concrete as the staining techniques we use are superior.

We have several color charts for you to choose the desired color from. Our contractors are always ready to give advice and help you choose what is best for you. Concrete staining is extremely efficient if you want to express your individuality and upgrade your existing concrete surfaces. All our staining services are just a phone call away, and we provide free estimates whenever required.

Polished Concrete

At Austin Stained Concrete and Polishing, we maintain a reputation of providing the best polishing services in Austin, Texas. In most spaces, concrete floors are prone to damage by weather and heavy equipment or human traffic. The ruin is usually characterized by noticeable holes, wear, tints, and scratches. An untreated concrete surface is weaker as compared to a polished one. The methods our certified contractors use to polish concrete have been tested and approved as the most effective.


When you rely on us for this service, your concrete surfaces will look spick and span with less maintenance required. Our trained experts use premium polish which minimizes dust formation and is resistant to scraping. Renovate your old or new concrete floors into one-of-a-kind robust surfaces that eliminate unnecessary maintenance and repair expenses. We leave your floors with a glossy finishing with the right degree of luster and levelness. Before every polishing project, we perform curing, grinding, cleaning, and blasting if need be



Epoxy Floors

When a large number of home and business owners opt for epoxy flooring, it is because epoxy advanced and very durable. Why should you settle for basic concrete when you have the chance to customize your home or business according to your likings? We have helped residents and commercial industries all over Texas achieve their most looked-for flooring results. Epoxy floor coating systems are protective, visually appealing, and can be applied to old and new concrete surfaces alike.



Decorative Concrete Floors 

Regardless of your creative style or how big your project may seem, there is always a certified professional from our staff ready to be of assistance. We are the ultimate decorative concrete experts in Austin. Our specialists are excellent when it comes to installing decorative flooring systems for residents and business owners. Decorative concrete is effortless to clean and enhance the visual qualities of any floor or surface.

 We provide decorative options that vary in size, shape, pattern, and color. As a result, you have a huge array of ornamental and decorative concrete to pick from. No matter your final choice, we guarantee our team will work its way to ensure it blends with your decor. Austin Stained Concrete’s key aim is to give you safe, reliable, and low-maintenance results that you will never regret. All of our clients benefit from reduced budgets and long-lasting, wear-resistant epoxy flooring.



Home Upgrades

Whatever surface and wherever you want it, there is a beautiful custom solution waiting for you. We look forward to turning your dreams into reality.

Pool Decks

Concrete Floors



Residential & Commercial Concrete Solutions

Austin Stained Concrete is a commercial and residential flooring installation, repair, and refinishing contractor company that upholds superiority and customer care. We can handle the large projects associated with commercial facilities like hotels, schools, rental buildings, and many more. Our skilled workers are trained to focus on all the detailed needs of your workspace as per the industry. Whether it is your home or business, we handle every flooring system from no matter how simple or complicated. You deserve an elegant, classy, marvelous, and robust floor that makes a statement.

We have proudly been serving Austin, Texas for years and have never failed our customers. Our team meets all the standards that ascertain our services are of high quality. We use sturdy materials and products as transparency and honesty are core values of our skilled workers. If you are a homeowner or business owner in need of reliable concrete floor solutions, contact us at (512) 357-7557 for free quotes and services.



How To Correctly Maintain A Stained Concrete Floor

Nothing in our world of constant activity and harsh, changing weather conditions is maintenance free. But one of the great benefits and advantages of stained concrete over other types of floor coverings is its high durability and relatively easy, low maintenance. By following several basic principles, and investing a regular but limited amount of effort, stained concrete can retain its original, beautiful appearance indefinitely. Effective stained concrete maintenance is easy and affordable, done by either the owner or an installer.



For Interior Stained Concrete Floors:

• Use a vacuum, broom, or micro fiber dust mop daily or weekly to prevent dust accumulation
• Wooster has a great new dust mop for stained concrete: Dust Eater; as does Norton: BlueMagnet
• The Shark VX3 costs a little more but is a great new lightweight cordless vacuum for hard surfaces
• Damp mop monthly using a ph neutral cleaner diluted in cool water to restore gloss
• Recoat with new floor finish (matte or gloss) periodically to rebuild loss from cleaning & abrasion
• Exercise caution before placing stationary objects or materials on a stained concrete floor
• Use felt, fabric, or quality rubber under objects that are heavy or have plastic or acrylic backing
• Expanded Technologies has a great selection of high quality furniture pads and sliders
• Be vigilant of painters; they often damage stained concrete with tape, paint, and solvents
• Maintain clean, heavy fabric mats at exterior entrances; this will reduce dirt by 85%
• Refer to more detailed stained concrete floor care & maintenance instructions Here



For Exterior Stained Concrete:


• Waxes and floor finishes are not meant to be used outdoors; they will whiten or discolor
• To maximize durability and gloss retention, use a high quality solvent acrylic sealer or “lacquer”
• The sun’s UV rays degrade even the best clear sealers, so recoating every year or two is a MUST
• Light pressure wash (3,000 psi or less) the surface periodically to remove dirt, oils, and other debris
• Use the same rules about objects as with interiors: no tape or solvents, and be careful of plastic
• Be careful also of runoff water from plants which may contain tannins or fertilizer and discolor sealer
• Any excess moisture on the surface or in the concrete may cause the sealer to temporarily whiten or “blush”
• Persistent whitening may be cleared by misting or brushing xylene or lacquer thinner on the sealer surface
• Expect dyes, acrylic stains, & tinted sealers to eventually peel & fade outside, and require reapplication
• Constant shadowing from trees or other stationary objects may also cause these products to fade unevenly
• The most effective and permanent outdoor coloring is achieved with acid stains or integral color
• Avoid blue and green acid stains outside; they will eventually blacken (permanently) from excess moisture

Where Do We Provide Concrete Stain Floors? 

Austin Stained Concrete specializes in the installation and repair of stained concrete, decorative concrete, polished concrete, and custom epoxy flooring in Austin and surrounding areas such as Cedar Park, Austin, Leander, Round Rock, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Lakeway, Bee Cave and more.